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         Board meetings are on the first Tuesday of each month. 

         Membership meetings are the third Tuesday of each month.


PGRC's general membership meetings begin at 7:00 PM

Winter meetings will be held at clubhouse while summer meetings will be held at the flying field's pavillion (weather dependent)

The public is invited to all membership meetings.

Annual Dues

Initial Assessment  - New first time members - (Juniors exempt) 125.00
Annual - General 75.00
Annual - Junior - (under 18 years of age) 10.00
Annual - Family - (adult plus juniors) 85.00
Late fee - (For returning members if paid after January meeting) 25.00
Dues will be 1/2 of annual fee for all "NEW" members if joining on or after August 1st.  Members joining in December will have dues paid applied to the next year's season.  
Dues can be paid at meetings or may be mailed to:      

                Steve Baker
                12215 Malin Lane
                Bowie, MD   20715

All payments made by check shall include the following information:

                1) Address
                2) Phone Number
                3) AMA Number


Learn to Fly 

Student Flyer New members of PGRC who have never flown models before are given free flying lessons by qualified instructors using a training aide known as a 'buddy box.' This is a functionality built into most modern radio systems and allows instructors to instantly regain control back from their student when they get into trouble. Use of buddy box systems reduces crashes, accelerates learning  and greatly increases the success rate of new pilots. The best type of aircraft to learn on are appropriately called trainers. Trainers are sturdy, high-wing planes that fly slowly and have a lot of inherent stability. Good quality electric or glow-fuel-powered trainers are sold by several companies as kits, almost-ready-to-fly (ARF) planes, and complete ready-to-fly (RTF) packages that include the radio system and other accessories. The PGRC instructors can advise new members on appropriate beginner airplanes.

PGRC members are welcome to fly fixed wing, rotary (Helicopters) or multi-rotor models (Commonly referred to as Drones) at our field. PGRC does not allow any First Person View (FPV)  flying due to current FAA Special Flight Rules Area (SFRA) restrictions which includes the PGRC field.  No commercial type drones shall be flown at PGRC facilities.

All models flown will be in accordance with AMA and PGRC rules and regulations. All models shall remain within the pilot's visual line of site whether or not they have FPV capability.  Violation of this rule may result in a fine and/or imprisonment of the individual, and would jeopardize the existence of not just PGRC but the 12 other Radio Control (RC) clubs that are currently located within the current designated SFRA.

Rotary and multi-rotor pilots shall coordinate flight times with fixed wing pilots when limited personnel are at the field.  During times of peak use the first 15 minutes of each hour shall be designated for  rotary and multi-rotor flight.


Student2  Perhaps the most frequent question prospective flyers is:

How much would it cost me to get started?

There are a lot of variables that factor into the answer. A glow powered trainer with engine, a basic radio system and support accessories will probably run around $ 400.00. A similar electric powered trainer will probably cost about $ 500.00, but no fuel costs.

It is possible to get less expensive set ups, however most include lower quality radios that are incompatible with the buddy box systems.

Hyperlinks to current club newsletters, PGRC Application, AMA Application and pilot training program can be located on the "Site Map" page.

Board of Directors

President Bob Gensler
Vice President Charlie Gettier
Treasurer Steven Baker
Secretary Alan Goodman
Safety Officer Chuck Russel
Field Marshall Paul Christian
Board Member Alwin Alleyne
Board Member Mark Kikta
Board Member Rick Moreland
Board Member Derrick Schreiner
Board Member Tim Lanore
Board consist of eleven positions Eleven positions are re-elected over a three year period (3-4-4)